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Who We Are?

We are a collaboration of young professionals and entrepreneurs aiming to change target industries with the leading technological advancements. 

Our team has managed to perform many academic achievements and practical applications. Our members are from several countries including Canada, China, Turkey, and the US. 

Our members had worked with leading startups and companies like Montrealer AI startups and also Ministry of Defence companies working on Augmented and Virtual Reality. 

We are young, knowledgable but yet experienced individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help consumers and also developers to access the advanced technologies with the help of our implementations and advancements.

We believe that leading technology and science can change the parity of numerous industries regardless of certain difficulties.

We believe that "change" is unstoppable...

Our Story

Our story started when old friends from the scientist training program end up researching the topics of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.


After studying at respected universities in the US, Canada, and Turkey, we managed to combine our skills and technical know-how with infinite trust and fun.





Augmented Reality

Our solutions and upcoming Apps are focusing on the problems occurring in Media, Advertisement, Online Shopping, Health, and Food Industry. 

Virtual Reality

We have been working on the solutions and implementations for the entertainment industry and also preparing for the 5G technological advances that will revolutionize the whole field.



Our team has been actively working and constantly educating themselves with the leading AI and Machine Learning technologies.


We have worked in the Montreal AI environment which is one of the leading scientific Global AI Hubs of the world.


Our mission is to create leading NLP applications and implementations for countries that have not yet researched the NLP semantics, such as Turkey. We have been working on the topic with pioneer academics.

3D Scan

Our mission is to create and implement new 3D scanning interfaces and tools for our upcoming Apps.



Deep Knowledge

Our team is experienced and educated. We have graduated from respected universities in North America and Europe. Moreover, our practical backgrounds include international and state-owned companies.


Our team members are holding certifications and diplomas from leading universities around the world such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), UC Berkeley, McGill University, EPFL, University of Hong Kong (HKU), Koc University and Istanbul Technical University.

Team Dynamics

We have established infinite trust and enthusiasm between ourselves. Our core team is made up of friends from scientists training program during high school years. We have a friendship for more than 10 years. We believe that successful companies need to establish strong bonds within their internal structure. 

International Experience

Our team has experienced different working environments in various countries including the US, China, Canada, Hong-Kong, Turkey, Estonia, UAE and it is counting...

We are capable of implementing our solutions to different scenarios around the world and with our international experiences we had a chance to follow emerging technologies from all over the world. 




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