An Introduction: Face Recognition

In this post we are going to introduce and inform about a enlarging industry of face recognition and why it is one of the most useful elements of the AI world.

Face recognition is one of the most useful branches of Artificial Intelligence. From the early days of the technology human being always wanted to mimic the everyday functionalities of themselves, to do that they managed to develop lots of assets and researches throughout the technological advancement.

One of those functionalities where face recognition. As humans, we can detect and match faces without previous information such as gender and name. This was a very challenging process for computers, until the advancements in artificial intelligence. Now, computers can detect faces up top 99.5% accuracy and they can even match more information compared to humans. Computers can distinguish any face with the help of a camera, and it can tell your credit card information without being a friend to them. AI would certainly take-over many human capabilities and facial recognition is one of them. Compared to other species humans do not perform well in this area, for instance, in Zavadovski Island there are over 3 million penguins and mates take turns to feed their children so that they have to find their mates out of 3 million other penguins every day, without the help of iPhone...

Face recognition technologies had emerged and they are very useful for many industries such as security, education, tourism, and even transportation. We believe that the first baby steps of this technology will take place in the industry of security. We all know that the security cards are vulnerable so that we need other systems that are attached to the human body and unique. One solution is the fingerprint, but to set up the initial data you need to take a sample from clients. Face recognition deals with this solution with high accuracy as fingerprint yet it is easy to set up the initial data as the security cards. Face recognition technologies can analyze client's face data with the help of a photo. In this way, it is way easier to get the data and very secure to implement it.

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