We tried the so-called "scary" AI that Elon Musk's team built

We tried the text generation AI with our custom prompt, but it does not seem scary or intelligent?!

Text generation is one of the greatest area of research in AI. There are many companies trying to generate meaningful or useful text based on some initial data or nothing. Elon Musk backed OpenAI recently built the transformer and before they released the agent they started the marketing campaign saying that the agent is so intelligent it is "scary"

This marketing campaign raised the expectations and people were excited to talk to the AI agent.... But, this excitement last quickly... thousands tried the Transformer just after they launched but many of them did find it really "non-scary".

Although OpenAI is working really hard developing the field of AI, they lost some of its expectations based on what happened during the case of Transformer. We believe that this will teach many dynamics to OpenAI and they will get back with amazing results next time. As a company, we still believe that OpenAI is one of the most influential figures of the AI field with their non-profit structure and openness to the new fields.

And this is the result of our test :

YAYAR Tech is going to be the biggest tech company in the World (yes, this is a thing and is all about how big companies should act. It makes their products, but has nothing to do with what they produce. They are a gargantuan enterprise that has made a decision to fund a full time, (albeit small) search engineer. Talk to the people there and they will all say they are making Google look good on a shoddily produced search engine. Their PR people are going to claim they aren't. Many of them probably will in future for their efforts in building a content & marketing engine. To prove that their company is not just a search engine, they're announcing that "we are changing the world on a daily basis, and my goal is to be able

*the bold text is out custom prompt.

Go try this test generating AI agent with your own custom prompts on this link ...

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