Will Augmented Reality Era End?

Some Tech gurus state that the AR era will end when VR hardware prices will be lower. Although some concepts would agree to this statement, we do not believe that is going to happen... and here is why.

Nowadays, Augmented Reality applications are more popular than Mixed and Virtual Reality experiences. It is estimated that over 100 million people are aware of the AR technology and used it once in their lifetime.

The main reason for this factual comparison is that the VR experiences need additional hardware in addition to your daily devices such as smartphones. Those additional hardware components are sometimes called VR googles or devices. Those goggles are quite expensive because of their high-tech sensors and space descriptive concepts, prices can rise to 5000$ for expert-level VR experiences.

Most of the tech community thinks that if those prices would lower the AR would be useless as it has fewer features to create a more realistic reality. They think that AR is the transition technology for that reason. We believe that this is not true...

Although VR has more realistic experiences there are many applications which the "real world" out of the Virtual Reality content is also important. One example would be the decoration AR applications which enable us to view computer-generated designed in our real homes aka real world. Those applications are generally used as a template content for many AR creator software such as Wikitude, as this is a very common approach to an everyday problem. Another example would be the AR applications which show you the pipes and connections of the buildings, which is useful for architects and second-stage building component makers such as air-condition engineers. Both of those applications must need a good virtual approach and also needs a real-world representation to combine the perfect space.

For this problem of combination, there is another solution to the problem which is the Mixed Reality, as the name is quite descriptive it is a technology which uses both AR and VR features to solve this conceptional problem. Although it is a booming breach of the market, the motivation to buy MR devices is quite low because there are not many differences if the virtual model is animated or fast-pace which needs advanced acceleration signals.

In conclusion, as a company, we do not believe that low-prices VR or MR will replace AR based on those problems. In our opinion, replacement of motor-fuelled cars with electric cars would be a closer scenario, so we suggest our followers to invest in AR applications instead of buying a motor-fuelled car :)

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